Service Dog Training in Phoenix, AZ

Bad habits in the home are easy to correct in most dogs. But what about dogs that will spend most of their time in public? Service dogs need special training and conditioning to ensure they behave appropriately and don’t develop habits that disqualify them from being companion animals.

Bruce Lincis Dog Training specializes in service dog training in Phoenix, Tolleson, Glendale, and Goodyear, AZ, working directly with dogs that will assume a life of service to their owners. He’s worked with dogs from all areas of service—from emotional support dogs, to those assisting with eldercare or disabilities.

Situational Therapy Dog Training

Service Dog Training

Not every service dog is expected to have the same skillset. Dogs assisting the elderly will need different skills than pups who are destined to be emotional support animals. Because of this, Bruce takes a specialized approach to dog training.

The goal is always to instill in each dog the behaviors, skills and traits needed to be successful in their service. From specialized therapy dog training in Phoenix, AZ to picking up and carrying items for injured owners, Bruce’s commitment to training helps your service dog succeed.

  • Emotional support dogs
  • Disability companion dogs
  • Eldercare dogs
  • Seizure alert dogs
  • Autism support dogs

Please note that Bruce does not train seeing-eye dogs or police dogs.

  • Emotional Support-comforting the dog owner: $2,500- 6 sessions
  • Therapy-comforting others $2,500- 6 sessions
  • Service-performing a service for the dog owner, Seizure alert, Retrieving Etc. $3,500- 8 sessions

Owner Involvement

The best way to train a service dog is through owner involvement. Any dog providing a service in a public setting needs a guide—the owner is that guide. Training a successful service dog means training an owner to command and guide the dog at all times. It’s why Bruce emphasizes owner-oriented therapy dog training as much as possible throughout the process.

If your dog is set to become a service animal, make sure it gets the training it needs to succeed in its role. Contact Bruce Lincis Dog Training today at 602-295-6800 for more information about service dog training, aggressive dog rehabilitation, puppy training, and more for both pets and owners!

The length of the sessions can vary from one hour to several hours depending on what we are doing with the training.