January 6, 2023

"5 Stars Highly recommend! I have two new puppies, one of which picked up some bad housetraining habits from his foster and even with my experience fostering myself I was unable to get a handle on it via my usual methods. Bruce was great, he responded to my inquiry within 15 minutes, he was able to fit me in just a few days later, he was on time, he was friendly, professional and I never felt like he was 'watching the clock'! What I think I liked the best was that he sat back and watched the puppies for a spell as well as checking out where they spend their days and their nights all before making any suggestions. He spoke from years of experience and didn't make me feel bad for not being able to accomplish house training on my own. So far everything he suggested has been 100% on target and we've seen about a 60% decrease in inside accidents and its only been about 2.5 days since we were trained! I highly, highly recommend Bruce for any of your Good Boy/Girl needs!"
August 26, 2022

"Time and money well spent. I interviewed 3 different trainers and Bruce is the one we chose to come in to our home to train us humans and our 2 pups! He hit the mail on the head when he said "training takes place on both ends of the leash"… after having owned several dogs over the years, Bruce gave us some "tools" for our toolbox. Worked with the pups right away! Looking forward to using all the tips and touching back with Bruce in a couple of weeks."
August 4, 2022

"We had the pleasure of Bruce coming in our home today. My Marley usually barks at all new people and he was so good with Bruce right off the bat. My senior dog is aggressive towards our new puppy so we called for help, we got a lot of great tips and help today and excited to start the plan Bruce set us on. I can’t wait for this to all pay off and have 2 best new friends ❤️ I would definitely recommend his service you can tell he’s about the animals not the money and I loved that very positive person."
July 28, 2022

"Bruce is an outstanding dog trainer! Do not hesitate to hire him! He was punctual and gave us great advice on puppy issues such as potty training, how to stop unwanted behaviors, and much more. He recommended the necessary tools to buy to help us train our 4 months old puppy. He is very personable and bonded with our puppy immediately. He obviously has a lot of experience. He even very generously invited us to call him on the phone at no charge in the future, should wen need more help. We thoroughly enjoyed his visit and appreciated all his advice!"
March 14, 2022

"We have 4 small dogs. Bruce came into the house and observed them all while talking with us about the problems we were having. We took 2 of the dogs for a walk, and he showed us what to do when our little guys started barking, pulling, etc. He was great! I would totally recommend him."