March 21, 2018

"Amazing is not a word that I use very often but that is exactly what Bruce was to me and my dogs. From my first telephone call with him explaining my need, to his flexibility in re-scheduling our appointment, to his presence in my home and with the dogs, he gave me a feeling of comfort and competence. I had taken in a 1-year old shelter dog and did not want to return her; my 3-year old dog was accustomed to being by himself and was not very welcoming to her arrival. After less than 1-hour with Bruce's tutelage and presence, the dogs were playing together in the back yard for the first time! Again, amazing. Thank you Bruce!!!"
March 13, 2018

"Bruce was absolutely phenomenal with my boy. Kodiak is a service dog who was attacked when he was young and as a result, he's often nervous around others. As soon as Bruce came over, Kodiak loves him (and I do mean LOVED). Bruce walk d me through everything and made sure to keep a keen eye in Kodiak. Bruce was wonderful overall and really understands dogs, each individual's needs, and what needs to go into the training he uses."
February 2, 2018

"What an amazing experience it was working with Bruce. We really needed someone to fine tune our amazing 3 year old lab-pit mix. I expected he would teach us a few techniques, which he did, and those were great. But beyond that he changed my whole perspective, reduced my anxiety (about our dog barking), and helped us all take a gentler, more effective, approach. Ultimately we are all able to better connect with our dog, even my 5 year old. And isn’t having a great relationship with your dog the ultimate goal?"
January 31, 2018

"Bruce taught us key training tools to help make walking more enjoyable for both us and our pups. We are excited to use these training tools and incorporate them in our daily routine. He was friendly, professional and affordable! Thank you Bruce!"
January 21, 2018

"In the beginning, my dog was terribly defensive and could not STAND seeing other dogs, even from a field away. By the end of the session, about an hour and a half, she was running around the park, both by herself and also playing with other dogs a bit. I didn’t have as much success on my own when we went back but it will just take time. Bruce was great, thank you!"