July 28, 2022

"Bruce is an outstanding dog trainer! Do not hesitate to hire him! He was punctual and gave us great advice on puppy issues such as potty training, how to stop unwanted behaviors, and much more. He recommended the necessary tools to buy to help us train our 4 months old puppy. He is very personable and bonded with our puppy immediately. He obviously has a lot of experience. He even very generously invited us to call him on the phone at no charge in the future, should wen need more help. We thoroughly enjoyed his visit and appreciated all his advice!"
March 14, 2022

"We have 4 small dogs. Bruce came into the house and observed them all while talking with us about the problems we were having. We took 2 of the dogs for a walk, and he showed us what to do when our little guys started barking, pulling, etc. He was great! I would totally recommend him."
March 14, 2022

"After just one session with Bruce, I have seen a positive change in Lucy. Bruce did an excellent job of explaining his technique and how to apply it while training my dog. His assessment of Lucy’s unique characteristics was very helpful to me for training purposes. I highly recommend Bruce!"
March 31, 2021

"We thought we had tried everything, but Bruce listened and gave us one new idea and the courage to persist. In one day, our willful little scofflaw became the good girl we always knew she could be. He’s that good!"
February 18, 2021