January 16, 2018

"Bruce was great! He responded right away and came out quickly and on my schedule. In about 2 hours he gave us the tools and confidence to work with our aggressive dog so well that Koda’s now allowed out when people come over (and they’re not afraid of him anymore). We still have some work to do, but when we need help we will definitely be calling Bruce again. Affordability wasn’t top priority, but Bruce was reasonable and said he’d come back out for nothing if we still couldn’t handle Koda. I have nothing but praise for Bruce. He gave us our dog back."
January 12, 2018

"I really enjoyed his work ethics with dogs, he opened up my eyes on how my dog behaves, what to look out for to stop and control aggression. He did not seem rushed, he took his time with our dogs and he was as committed as we were! He also said he'd come back to check-up as well as reaching out to him with any questions. Very professional and timely."
November 18, 2017

"Bruce gave us some great ideas for our pups behavior. Now time to implement. So far, so good! Will definitely recommend to anyone needing a good trainer. Thank you, Bruce."
November 18, 2017

"Bruce is a great dog trainer and a dog lover. I think it is established intrinsically in his soul. I have a dachshund and just with few pieces of his advice most of my problems with my dog have been removed. I really recommend him."
October 31, 2017

"My cattle dog mix Pokey is awesome, but he started "protesting" by sitting on the sidewalk and refusing to move if we didn't go where he wanted to go on walks. He even started attacking me if there was a nice grass spot he wanted to keep sitting in, and I told him we had to go. Bruce was great about showing me how to properly walk my dog, he even showed me a new leash holding technique (which was really great, I ended up getting two new sizes/new material leashes to try it out with). Pokey quickly learned to follow me on walks after Bruce showed me how to be clear and firm with my directions. He also immediately stopped attaching me, and I have not had an incident since our training session a few weeks ago. I still let him lay in the grass because it is one of his favorite things to do, but now I don't get attacked when it is time to leave which is SO NICE. Bruce called the next week to check up on our progress and offered to come again no charge if he needed more help on walks. I will definitely hire Bruce again if my dog develops another behavioral quirk, Pokey really liked him and it was a very positive experience. I think the price is very fair, he basically includes a second visit if you still have problems, and he really cares and wants you to have a good relationship with your dog. Pokey and I approve, thanks Bruce!"