December 3, 2020

"Bruce was amazing! He came to my house to assess the situation at hand, gave amazing pointers, and suggested products that he thought would be best for my dog and I to try out."
November 15, 2020

"Bruce was easy to work with and didn’t try to sell me any crazy dog school packages. He was straight forward in the sense that my dog didn’t require much training at all. My main concern was how to properly introduce my dog to the cats and he walked me through all of that and what to watch for if there is ever any signs of aggression. I know what I need to do now. Thank you!"
October 25, 2020

"Bruce was great, his recommendations and observations were spot on. What a difference a day makes. With Bruce’s recommendations my dog Charly was so good on the leash, very little pulling or lunging after other dogs, the very next day. I was truly amazed at the difference. I recommend Bruce to anyone looking to improve their dogs behavior."
August 1, 2019

Exceeded expectations

"Bruce and his approach to animal handling was spot on for us and our family needs. Bruce trained us, in our home in the company of all of our animals, cats and dogs, addressing behavioral issues we were experiencing with our newest addition. His approach was perfect, his instruction on what to observe and how to address behaviors, good and bad, was quite logical and has already given us new confidence in our ability to solve our issue. We highly recommend Bruce, and liked him very much."
April 1, 2019

"Bruce was wonderful with our 6 month old Kelpie mix. We had concerns about aggressiveness with strangers primarily men and with walking him. Within 2 minutes of walking through the door our dog Echo was jumping up and licking him not growling or snapping. We sat for an hour went over all of our concerns and he gave us the tools to help Echo become a better member of society if you will. Bruce also went for a walk with us and gave us instructions on how to deal with his pulling, barking at people, lurching for other dogs and animals. It’s only been a couple days but with the techniques he showed us walking Echo is much more enjoyable. We have a lot more training to do on our part and socialization for him but with Bruce’s training session I know we can do this. I would highly recommend him to anyone."