October 5, 2017

"Bruce was fantastic! We have been having aggression and territorial issues with our dog, Phineas. A lot of the time we result to blocking him off into another room in the house when new visitors come over because of these issues. Within the first 15-20 minutes Bruce had met and started a bond with Phineas (something that does not happen with newcomers... like ever). We took Phineas on a walk, learned a few leash training techniques, and went over all the correct training tactics to reduce Phineas' issues. Overall, we are extremely happy with Bruce's tips. They have been helpful so far. I really believe with continued practice and time Phineas will be much friendlier pet. THANKS BRUCE!!"
September 21, 2017

"Bruce is the best in the business! Hours after his visit, with his techniques in place we are already seeing a difference!"
September 16, 2017

"I called Bruce to help with my rescue dog because he would bark at anyone that would come into the house and generally nervous around people due to his past. Bruce was quick to respond and come help. He was patient with my dog and he taught me some excellent ways to help my dog get comfortable around people and assured me that my dog wasn't aggressive, just being protective. My dog has been slowly improving his behavior with the tips Bruce gave me and I'm glad I found Bruce. Thank you!"
August 25, 2017

"Bruce was very accommodating with his time and was very educational. He is very personable and knowledgeable. The issue with our dog Grace is specifically regarding aggression with other dogs. Bruce taught us how to handle her around other dogs but since we do not know her history (she is a 7+ year old rescue), it is unclear what makes her tick. We have only gotten together with Bruce twice as it has been very hot and Grace has been slowly trying to recover from tick fever. When we feel she is well enough to try again, we will definitely contact Bruce to work with us."
July 31, 2017

"Great Experience! Fast response and appointment. Our new nine month old shelter rescue refused to walk on a leash was even scared of the leash/collar. He would sit down and refuse to move. We travel a lot so leash training is imperative when staying in hotels! Bruce's training skills are exceptional, whether the training is for the dog or myself worked! He had my little puppy walking on a leash/wearing the collar within one session.. this is after one month of me trying to train him myself. Every day since he's been walking with a collar and a leash with no problems.... of course he still get scared here and there of other digs or people but is doing so well! We felt that Bruce's skillful and gentle approach really helped our little Kingston. Highly recommend. Thanks Bruce!"